Sport Pitches & Artificial Grass Maintenance

Tennis is a wonderful sport whether playing for competition or for leisure. However, there are some things that must be in place in order for there to be a positive experience for both the players and those who are looking on. One such necessity is a court that is in good playing condition and that is properly maintained. Below, we take a closer look at the ways in which proper tennis court maintenance can result in an improved tennis experience for players and spectators alike.

Extra information about tennis court maintenance

2 Key Ways Proper Tennis Court Maintenance Improves The Game 

A well-maintained tennis court can do wonders to improve the quality of the game. Similarly, a poorly maintained tennis court can negatively affect the players and the quality of the game. The court's surface affects everything from improving the way players are able to move to ensuring that there are no surprises concerning the movement of the ball (on account of an unlevelled surface, for example). Some ways a properly maintained tennis court can help add to the quality of play, include:

1. Allows for Injury-free Play

We always want our athletes to stay healthy, strong, and free of injury. In the case of tennis, the playing surface plays a significant role in ensuring that the players do not get injured. It is important that the surface is made of the best material (be is clay, grass, or astro turf, for example), secondly, those maintaining the courts should ensure that there are no cracks, holes, dips, water spots or otherwise worn down parts of the surface when players are playing. Such signs or poor maintenance can lead to players pulling a muscle, twisting an ankle, or worst. 

2. Improved Agility

Movement, in particular, the player's ability to react quickly to the placement and speed of the ball on any side of the court is important to the quality of play. The better the surface, the more freely a player will be able to move along the surface as he/she plays the sport. This, of course, will add to the excitement for both players and spectators alike. On the other hand, a poor quality surface can significantly reduce the speed of the game and significantly hinder players and how they are able to respond to plays made by their opponents. Of course, a poor quality surface could also significantly reduce a players ability to make winning plays against their opponents as well. 

There you have it, two major reason tennis court maintenance is critical to the survival of great tennis. Until next time!